Funded Item | Longer walks for Hamble

29 Mar 2022

Kelsey has been using both a powered wheelchair and a manual wheelchair for the past 6 years. The powered wheelchair allows Kelsey to cover longer distances but isn't very comfortable and is difficult to transport. The manual wheelchair has a huge benefits including exercise but Kelsey has to rely of friends to push her as she tires quickly. The solution was a powered attachment for her manual wheelchair. Unfortunately there is no statutory funding for these. DTD Charity was able to help with funding toward a SMOOV and now Kelsey and her assistant dog Hamble can enjoy longer walks together. Kelsey writes, 'Hamble and I went to meet up with friends for some lunch and for the first time we didn't need someone to meet me at my car and push me to the restaurant. I was also able to take Hamble to some grass to toilet instead of asking a friend to do it!' We call that a result.

Longer walks for Hamble